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About the Program

What is the contributor program?

The contributor program on Bodypeace is the basis of our community section on our app. This collaborative program is a way to diversify the platform while covering an array of topics related to fitness, nutrition, wellness, and self improvement. It’s also a way to help empower health and wellness professionals by giving them a platform to build their business on. With the referral program, you can earn money for bringing on subscribers in addition to growing your brand. We want it to be a win-win for everyone!

Who are we looking for?

We want to work with professionals who are knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. We’re looking for individuals who have health-related careers or hobbies, and who can educate the public on their unique topic through short videos, blogs/recipes, podcasts, posts, etc. These are people who are easy to talk to, enthusiastic, relatable and business-minded. This program was built to help you succeed doing what you love, and anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset will be a great fit as a contributor.

What is required?

  • Must be value-added information without going over the time/MB requirement. For example, if you are a personal trainer you can talk about proper ways to grip a weight, common misconceptions about personal training, etc. You cannot film a personal training session (we’re not asking you to give your goods/services away for free) or a self promotion about where you work or where to buy your service. This applies for any topic.
  • Viewers are going to be interested in your topic by learning facts, statistics, and ideas about your topic. This is not a direct “advertisement” of you, and if we feel the content is only self promotional in nature, we reserve the right to take it down. Instead, the content should be a value add to the community, with only a brief call-to-action to follow you/get in contact with you outside of the Bodypeace app.
  • Your topics can be broken down in multiple videos/posts that can be part of a series – think of people watching your videos/reading your posts while taking a break at their office desks or waiting in line for coffee.
  • Must be less than 5 minutes long, but we’ve found most viewers prefer video/content that can be consumed in 2 minutes or less.
  • Must not contain nudity, profanity, hate symbols or speech, slurs, slanderous comments, illegal substances, violence, or anything else deemed inappropriate by the Bodypeace administrators.
  • Must have location filming approval from wherever you’re filming (e.g. your gym, Whole Foods, etc).
  • Must have clear, steady video, crisp audio, and a well lit, appropriate background.
  • The content and film quality are subject to DeLacy Wellness approval before posting to the Bodypeace app, and we reserve the right to decline any video that doesn’t meet that approval. If a video isn’t accepted, we’ll let you know why and offer some guidance on how to rectify it. This video is your opportunity to shine, and we want your brand to be well represented!
  • Please film in horizontal mode, that will present best on the app!
  • We ask that you sign our video/photography release. Once the content is submitted to DeLacy Wellness, it becomes property of DeLacy Wellness and we are free to use on any of our platforms.
  • We would like to share some information about you with our members, so we need a short paragraph bio, website, email, or social media.
  • We’d like this interaction to be mutually beneficial – please post on your social media about your posts on the Bodypeace app! The more people who sign up, the more people can interact with your product/service.

Contributor Levels:

The Starter Level is perfect for anyone who is dipping their toes into online promotion for the first time. If you have a passion for health or wellness, contributing on the Starter Level is a great way to begin to build your brand. With a low monthly commitment, Starters can focus on building their content and following without leveraging a lot of financial risk.

  • 3 posts 4 posts per month

The Generator Level is the next step above the Starter Level, great for someone who has a strong vision for their brand and is ready to invest in themselves for future success. Generators get double the amount of content space on the platform compared to the Starter Level, in addition to a higher revenue share per subscriber referred. It’s time to start making your money work for you.

  • 6 posts per month

The Architect Level is reserved for creators that have a robust brand identity and plenty of content to share. Our Architects receive their own channel, and earn the most per subscriber referred than any other level. This level is for anyone who is committed to turning their passion into a thriving business opportunity.

  • 10 posts per month
  • Personal Channel promoted in Bodypeace App!

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Lizzie DeLacy

Founder and Author

Lizzie DeLacy is now introducing the Bodypeace app, a transformative way for individuals to access the body and life-changing discipline of DeLacy Wellness. With on-demand sessions and community support, the Bodypeace app helps members achieve the alignment of mind, body, and spirit to make everything they do better – and pain free. Lizzie received her nutrition degree from the University of Delaware and has always been a proponent of approaching health holistically. As a sole-proprietor, she founded DeLacy Wellness in 2016, focusing on fitness, nutrition, and overall lifestyle improvement. Now, Lizzie is helping others share their passion on through this platform.